Can Fundraising do this?

I need a mixture between event espresso/groupon/kickstarter/events and I am not sure if this Fundraising plugin can do it. This problem is the reason I started the “Which Groupon clone to chose” thread that got plenty of answers but none of those Groupon clones seems to fit this problem :slight_frown:

I am trying to sell an event, let me give you an example of what attributes this event does have to have:


– title

– description

– date/time of when it will happen

– picture(s)

– minimum # of participants needed

– maximum # of participants allowed

– a price

– location (city – suburb – venue)

– deadline: buy before deadline or the event won’t happen

The problem I see is that if the min. # is i.e. 4 then the first 3 won’t be billed immediately, I need a “lock” on their funds so only when the 4th person buys all 4 get billed immediately and if by the end of the deadline there are only 3 buyers, no money will be transferred and the event will be closed.

If Fundraising can do this, lets tackle the second problem I see: what would be the best way to add location (city – suburb – venue) info to my events? Custom taxonomy? How? How can I filter on the front end by it so people can search for events in their areas?

If Fundraising can’t, maybe the events plugin? Or any other plugin?