Can "General relation features" be used in Multisite

In looking through PhpAdmin I found some 'old friends.' Specifically the ability to record relations -- links via keys -- between tables, and a bunch of other neat stuff. There are a set of procedures that setup the needed tables. I suspect that changing the database engine from MyISAM to InnoDB would drive WP nuts even though that is what I would like to do. I have a multisite setup just to keep various aspects of the application separated. I would very much like to set this stuff up; and I hate pain. Does anybody have experience, or educated guesses, on this topic?

  • aecnu

    Greetings Chris,

    Thank you for the brain teaser there sir with this suggestion and no I do not know of anyone who has tried this and by the amount of other members we have had contribute to this ticket it may not be something one wants to delve into.

    I will have to admit this proposal between MyISAM to InnoDB would possibly drive both WP and you nuts as you have partially suggested.

    But the real thing here that I would like to know is why? To what end or purpose of going through the pain in the first place trying to convert these items?

    Please advise.

    In any event have a GREAT weekend!

    Cheers, Joe

  • Chris

    Hi Joe,

    My ISP has told me that I need not worry about InnoDB. There are instructions in PhpAdmin for setting up the links with MyISAM.

    "Why?" You ask. Well, I am a graphical thinker in the main and have designed database with graphical tools for a long time, I wanted it to feel like home? (not buying it are you). Seriously, I will end up with a lot of tables each with a bunch of rows. Being able to visualize the structure really helps when one's mind starts spinning.

    I am told that I can row level transaction locking with MyISAM, and that, I suspect, I will need.

    At this very moment, I can't find the page that told me 'everything I need know' so, until I find it...


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