Can I add a 'group' field to my membership plugin?

I have existing membership data to import into my Wordpress site and each member is attached to a group (based on region). Is it possible to create a 'group' field?
Also, would me having a higher level of membership on WPMU help me to resolve this?

  • Alexander

    Hi Gill,

    What would the group field be used for? Membership doesn't use groups. It's mainly for restricting access to content based on a subscription. It's has access levels, but it's not really anything like a group. BuddyPress could be a good option for adding group features to your site.

    With a Gold membership, we can support issues that aren't only related to our plugins and even issues from third party plugins and themes. You'd also have access to live chat sessions. As I'm a bit unsure what is is we need to do here, I'm not sure if this is needed at the moment. Just let me know about how the groups will be used and we can go from there.

    Best regards

  • Gill Buchanan

    I already have 200 members and need to import their data into my Wordpress site. Each member is attached to a group and there are 8 groups which are regions. So for example 45 of the members belong to the Hastings group.
    I need to be able to identify which group each member is in.
    Hope that clarifies.
    There seem to be a lot of different versions of BuddyPress - which one do I need?

  • Alexander

    @Gill Buchanan,

    It sounds like this could just be done with subscription levels. You might need not BuddyPress, which there is actually only one version of:

    Are you membership to make sure each group of users has access to certain areas of your site? Or what is the end goal of your groups? Is it for organization only? Or will it affect how people use your site? Maybe with some more info I could make a better recommendation

    Unfortunately, there isn't a way to import users to Membership with this data intact. You would need to manually assign a subscription level to each imported user to create that association.

    Best regards

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