Can I add excisiting sites manualy to Prosites

Hi there,

I have a question. Unfortunatly The New Blog template plugin is not (yet) integrated with Prosites.

Is it posible for me to use this workaround:

- I add new websites manualy to my multisite

- Afterwards I add the client manualy to Prosites and asign him/her to a specific level.

If possible, how will it work with payment. Should I select the manual payment gateway and tell prosites it's already paid for when I add the client to prosites?

And in the future, can they upgrade from their account to a higher level just like Prosites normaly works?

Final question about working with this workaround. When adding a new website, how should I work with domainmapping or making specific plugins available for the client? Will prosites add these after I add the client to prosites, or should I do this manualy also?

I realy apriciate your help.


Kind regards,