Can I add more Dashboard widgets with EasyBlogging?

Is there a way to add more dashboard widgets with Easyblogging? Currently in settings it allows you to show Dashboard Widget with custom content. However, there are so many more area on dashboard for extra widgets. How can I add more widgets on dashboard with more custom content while still having Easyblogging activated? Thanks!

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    Just activate the addon Dashboard widgets setup

    Then setup the Show dashboard widget to yes in Easy Blogging settings and then when you go to the Dashboard Items page, you will see all the Dashboard widgets and you can choose to display what all you want to be shown.

    Cheers, PC

  • Mike Price
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    Sorry I do know that. what I meant is Custom widgets. For example on easyblogging settings page it says Show Dashboard widget? and I click "yes" then it allows me to add custom content to that widget to be shown. BUT I want more of those BLANK widgets that I can write custom content into. I dont want those default wordpress widgets to ever show..i want more of the one where I can type a message into. Hope that clarifies :slight_smile:

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    Thanks for clarifying that one.

    Its does not allow to use other than the default widgets, and allows you to add one custom widget in the Easy blogging plugin settings

    You can however add one more widget by using the plugin and then go to Easyblogging Dashboard settings and enable that widget as well, so using it you can have 2 custom dashboard widgets on EasyBlogging dashboard as well

    Cheers, PC

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