Can I allow multiple people on same paid booking? Specified appointment start times?

We love the appointment plus plugin as we are building a fishing charter website.

1. Can we allow a paid booking to include more than 1 person? ie set number of people to '2', that then decrements the capacity by 2?

2. Can we set specific start times for an appointment ie customer can only select 7.30am or 12:30pm for a 4 hour appointment? (currently customer can choose a 4 hour slot starting at say 11am.)

  • Hakan


    1. No, you cannot. A+ is for single provider serving for single client. You can consider our Events+ plugin for that:

    2. With some customization such sessions are possible. See an example here:
    Not only irregular sessions, but irregular sessions per day have been made possible there.

    Combined 1 and 2: If your schedules are not regular in dates either, Events+ will be a better solution for you.


  • smithguy

    Hi Hakan and thanks for the swift response.

    I have also downloaded the events plus but the functionality of having an assigned service provider (in our case each boat) is almost perfect!

    The assigned service providers work well for us because we offer many different fishing trip options for each size boat, so that when one particular option is booked with a particular boat size, no other different trips can be booked with that boat for that day.

    all we need to work out is to allow:

    1. Individual 'service providers' to have different capacity capabilities for each different 'service'.

    2. Allow multiple purchase/bookings for a particular appointment, that decrement from these capacities.

    I am happy to pay a developer to provide some custom modifications if you think they can be done?

    Thanks again!

  • Hakan


    We don't currently provide custom solutions but you can find developers to make this for you. A+ is a well commented plugin.

    You can use:
    or other job sites like freelancer, fiverr, etc.

    Regarding the first item, maybe I misunderstood. Increasing capacity of a service provider per service is possible:

    I want to accept more than one appointment applications for each time slot. Entering higher numbers in "capacity" field in Services tab does not work. Why?
    Please note that Appointments+ is designed to manage available workforce. Capacity field is for limiting the workforce, not for increasing it. You have two alternatives to achieve this: a) Use dummy service providers b) Add these codes in functions.php and modify as required:
    function increase_capacity( $capacity, $service_id, $worker_id ) {
    return 10;
    add_filter( 'app_get_capacity', 'increase_capacity', 10, 3 );

    On the other hand, applying from the front end with 2, 3 or whatever clients is not possible with that simple hooks. You will need a deeper customization for that.

    I hope this helps.


  • aecnu

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