Can I bring in a database of names from another software package?

I'm using Filemaker Pro for a printing business database and client management and want to rebrand my business with a new website utilising WordPress. I would like to integrate my present database I have and then generate e-newsletters to customers through my new Wordpress website. Is this possible?

  • Emanaku

    Hi shannaam, what is your strategy for the future?
    Do you want

    A. to keep the FMpro database and every now and then send e-newsletter to the customers in the FMpro? Or do you want

    B. to transfer your customers from the FMpro database once and then handle the management of your customers completely in Wordpress?

    B. is easier regarding the technical requirements - and there may be a way to generate users in the wordpress system based on your FMpro data.

    A. needs your FMpro database on a server so the wordpress system can communicate with it (do you have it hosted on the web in this moment? or are you using it just in your office on a local computer?). The above mentioned plugin "Wordpress Filemaker Sync" by Lauren Kuhlmann can generate posts and pages from the FMpro database but does not seem to integrate users ...

    So, please tell us, if you want A or B :wink:

    Have fun!!

  • shannaam

    Responding to Emanaku - Hi Emanaku - my answer is A. to keep the FMpro database and every now and then send e-newsletters to my customers in the FMpro. I'm using this in the office only at present. I'm wanting to update my website using WordPress and utilising the WordPress plugin for e-newsletters and hopefully having an easy way of copying my present database of customers to the server to do this. Is this possible - not for blogging but for e-newsletters? Thank you.

  • Emanaku

    Hi shannaam, thank you for clarifying what you want to do ...

    It depends on the number of your clients and on your further strategy:

    Say you have (more or less) only up to a 100 people in your database - then I would use the mail merge facility of FMpro - it takes a while until the messages are sent out, and you are limited in creating "nice" mails, but you don't have to do anything else ...

    To import your customers once into wordpress is surely feasable - but whenever something changes in your FMpro database you have to update your users in the wordpress. I think the easiest way would be: a. delete all users in wordpress b. then create the users new by some software or plugin from a file which you have exported from FMpro.

    That is actually a bit "abusing" the user concept in wordpress, because you are only interested in the email addresses but a "user" in wordpress is so much more ...

    If you have very many customers in FMpro (say more than a thousand). Then I would not use the wordpress "deviation" but would use a mail service like mail-chimp to do the mailings. Here you have also to upload/update your email addresses everytime sth in your FMpro database has changed.

    It looks different if you want to have your customers as wordpress users because you want to give them a special customer access to certain information in your wordpress ... then the upload of the users to wordpress would occur only once, you would tell your customers their username (and a password :wink: ) - and all changes in the user's data has to be somehow done in the wordpress ...

    I hope this shows the different possible directions ...

    Have fun!!