Can I change the site name and tagline to an image?

I am not a programmer. (Can do a couple of basic grunt things...that is about it.)

Is there a way to change the type at the top of the site (above header image) so that it is an image? I want to use a logo here and put the site name in "Alt. text" if that makes sense.


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    Hi there @lower,

    I would recommend doing this with CSS image replacement. You don't even need to change the markup on your site. Image replacement is how most sites use an image for a title. It's nice because you can still use the H1 elements on your site, which is good for SEO.

    You can modify this CSS to suite your needs. Just change the URL to point to your image, and set the height and width accordingly for that image.

    h1 a {
    display: block;
    text-indent: -999em;
    background: url('');
    width: 318px;

    This assumes your theme uses an h1 for the title. I would also recommend making the selector more specific by taking advantage of any classes or ids provided by the theme. You might be able to target it with something more like:

    h1#title a
    h1.title a

    Let me know if you need any more help getting this implemented.

    Best regards

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