Can I Change Ultimate Facebook Code Placement Please?

I have had a few issues today with the Ultimate Facebook plugin, so I went to work on figuring out why some things weren't working the way they should. Having developed countless Facebook websites and blogs that exchange data with Facebook so reading Facebook documentation has become a regular habit.

When I started scanning the coding for Ultimate Facebook plugin I discovered that the plugin does 2 things that go against Facebook guidelines and recommendation.

1. The call for the all.js (javascript) in the header but it should be right down at the bottom of the code.

2. The inclusion of the all.js and the APP ID number (etc) is being used prior to 'get_footer' but it should be the last bit of code before </body>

I included the code in the right place and a few of my issues resolved themselves (I'll post about outstanding issues in a separate post) so I thought I would draw your attention to what Facebook say is the correct way this should be done.

While my 'workaround' works in a bit of a hacked way, is it possible to move the location of these bits of code in your plugin code? I'm not afraid to dive in and get my hands dirty with the code but I don't want to mess anything up.