Can I change uptime monitor timing

I have more than 100 websites on the single server. And activating uptime monitor for all of them cause issue because of Uptime Monitor trying to check all sites at the same time. Can you add a feature to change timing for uptime per site basis?

  • Ash
    • WordPress Hacker

    Hello Bruce

    There is no fixed time to check sites' uptime. The server checks each site every 2 mins, so it is possible to have checked your sites at an almost same time.

    If you set an uptime monitor timing, then do you mean that the service will check only at that time? Then what will happen if your site gets down just after your selected time?

    Please feel free to discuss if you have any detailed idea about it, definitely the developers will look at the possibilities :slight_smile:

    Have a nice day!


  • Nathan
    • Getting there

    Now I remember what I forgot to request! I agree with this!
    If we have all websites on the same server, maybe we can check the main site every 2 minutes, and any sub sites like, say, once a day? This would be handy to include positive feedback in the client reports.
    I have uptime turned off for all my sites, except my own.
    So +1 from me!

  • Tony G
    • Mr. LetsFixTheWorld

    I've had exchanges with staff about this via chat and in this forum. My problem was that I had a few sites in shared hosting but I can easily see the same situation with self-hosting and a large number of sites.

    Ash I believe the issue is that we have no visibility or control over how Uptime hits specific servers - one or many For all we know, Uptime could be triggering simultaneous queries for all sites for an account. You could be using several servers to do this, and several threads per server.

    This is no different than a DDoS attack and the results are the same. While I was feeling the pain with a few domains in shared hosting, it's no surprise that the same pain is felt at-scale.

    While I've lost faith that any of this means anything anymore, I will +1 this thread's request, and reiterate my own:

    1) Please add logging in the Hub which can be enabled for just a few minutes at a time. The detail should include all Uptime requests made during the period, the source IP and target IP. While we can get this info server-side, it helps to aggregate the info from the client-system perspective so that we don't need to check every server-system ourselves and try to determine the timing of operations.

    2) Allow the timing to be changed between 2 minutes and 15 on a per-site basis. Let site admins deal with the consequences of late notifications, don't make that choice for them.

    3) If we see from the logs (#1 above) that the Uptime processes are hitting our systems in this manner that looks like a DDoS attack, we should be able to tune those pings to X requests from your system every Y seconds. If we bottleneck ourselves to a point where that frequency doesn't allow a full check of all sites with the 2 minute limit (or 15?!), just continue the ping process and log how long it takes to get through all sites. That effectively tells us how long it really takes at our preferred frequency. If it actually takes 4 minutes to get through all of our sites, we should be able to use the timing setting (#2 above) to increase the polling interval per-site to reduce some of the pressure ... like the kind of pressure that probably prompted this thread and my own in the past.

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