Can I clone a subsite onto each new subsite?


I have WPMU installed and I'm adding many subsites.

I use a main theme and a child theme for all sites in the network.

But I'd rather not manually build out each subsite because they all have the same set of starting pages (e.g. membership, privacy and contact which all are at the top site only).

Is there a native method inside of WPMU to automatically install a subsite and have it use a base subsite as an example of what it should be?

I have memberships at two WordPress manager websites so I can create clones there and paste a clone onto a new WP install. However I'm nervous to create a clone of a WPMU subsite and then paste that clone onto another WPMU subsite (on the same installation). Why? Because I don't know what I don't know about cloning subsites. The cloning works 100% on single site WPs, but something tells me that if I clone onto a WPMU subsite I might mess up the network.

Anybody have insight into this?

Thank you,