Can I convert GIF images to JPEG with Smush Pro

I have some images uploaded that are GIFs. They are not rendering well with some plugins so I want to convert them to Jpegs.

Will the Smush Pro plugin convert GIF files into JPEGs and if not is there anything you are aware of that will do this.



  • Michelle Shull
    • DEV MAN’s Apprentice

    Hi, E!

    That's not really in SmushPro's wheelhouse, your best option for converting .gif files to .jpg files is to use an image editor. is free, and a great tool for batch managing images if you don't have access to a big tool like Photoshop. There are dozens of free and premium image editors which will allow you to save images in different file formats, as well.

    Keep in mind, this will only work for static .gif files. If you're working with animated .gif files, you can't convert them to another format without losing the animation. .jpg images are always static, and .jpg doesn't support transparency. If you're dealing with .gif files that are transparent in places, you'll need to convert them to .png.

    Hope this helps!

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