Can I copy Membership settings using NBT?

All my Pro Sites will be private and their membership controls are only there to manage their content for employee groups.

I really need to build the membership levels and controls for pages and all sorts of content based on the levels they use. Then be able to copy that using NBT. Or at least the Copy Content Plugin.

As an example to clarify what I am trying to do:
My client will use Pro Sites to choose a site type for their business. The sites provide training content built in along with access to some Intranet type features as add on options.

I want to use nbt to build the base site for their selection. At that point they would add their users (employees) and assign their membership levels based on their job functions.

When the user logs in to the site they have access to the appropriate training, quizzes and features for their job.

Is there any way to do this so the membership settings and content don't have to be built each time?