Can I create a class enrollment?

I would like to create a system for a client who offers classes/workshops for kids. When a parent enrolls their child (i.e. buys the class), we have to get answers to specific questions and get them to agree to certain terms. Is that possible?

  • idomagic
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    Use Appointments-plus ( This will allow you to set up classes, times and number of enrollees. You can also request fields like name etc, but as far as specific answers to questions, I would ask for more info.

    My thinking is, if you register the kids for a particular class etc, you would follow up with an email ink to a request for additional information.

    Can you share more precisely what informati0n you need, how often it changes. and if you need new information for each registration (even if it's a repeat customer)?

  • Tom Eagles
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    @idomagic is spot on we would need a bit more info here to move forward. Just remember though appointments+ is aimed at a one client one provider scenario. Are you planning on a one provider to many kids at the same time (classroon scenario)?



  • jamesdonegan
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    I'm not sure what else to say. The client needs to create a class/event (which is for multiple people -- up to 50), but BEFORE THEY PAY -- which is actually really important -- the parent has to fill out a form with a series of custom-fields such as child's name, age, parent's name, emergency contact information, and a couple of checkboxes stating that they've read a couple of policies (e.g. that there aren't refunds and that the company is allowed to take photos during classes).

    So I guess Appointments + is a no. I can easily just create an event as a product, but this thing with getting the information is actually the sticking point -- and the reason they're hiring me for the project.

  • Zyniker
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    I do not believe that there is a way to accomplish 100% of your goal without some modification/coding on your part. However, I believe that this will get you most of the way there (and would be workable, if not as streamlined as possible):

    Use the Terms of Service plugin to require that users agree to certain terms (e.g., your refund policy and photography policy) before signing up with your site. Use MarketPress or Pay per View in order to process payments for the classes. Use a form plugin in order to collect the additional information (as this will require some manual follow up, it is the least streamlined part of this recommendation).

    Another potential way to go about this would be to use the Pay per View plugin in conjunction with a form plugin. If you configured Pay per View so that it would not display the payment button until instructed to do so by the form plugin (e.g., upon clicking "submit"), you could collect the information you need before allowing the client to complete checkout. This, of course, would require a bit of custom coding.

  • jamesdonegan
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    Thanks guys. I think I am going to explore the GravityForms solution. Not even sure I'll need CustomPress, although that would make it a better user experience for the client. So maybe.

    Appreciate the help/insights. I especially appreciate that a staff member was willing to recommend products that aren't his own.

    Y'all have a great day.

  • idomagic
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    My question are this:

    1. Will the kids retake classes (even different ones) and use the same information each time?
    2. If not, will the information need to be filled in each time?
    3. Will the TOS etc., need to be agreed upon each time or just the first time?

    For instance, if you just need the information on file you could use to collect the data and put in a redirect at the end of the form. The nice thing about it is the ability to require email verification prior to filling out the form (like an account)

    You might also be able to use and have "child accounts" (no pun intended) that require more signup information for each kid using

    Hope this helps.

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