Can I create a site like with what is provided at WMPU Deve (themes and plugins)?

With what is provided at wpmu dev, can I put together a site like ?

  • xaviemirmon
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    Short answer, Yes. Long answer, you can create pretty much anything you like with Wordpress. WPMU Dev themes and plugins help you save a lot of time to create what ever it is that you might want. To create something like I would have a look at the Network Theme and the Fundraising plugin. With these two things you can get something that is pretty close to but not not necessarily the same. To start off I would make a list of the features and design elements you want in your site. I personally use a program called Wunderlist and write down all the features I want it to have on my site. For example, you might want to have a grid of everyone that has benefited from micro lending like on the kiva front page. Once you have this list it time to do your research and find the theme and plugins that do want you want. If you run into hiccups along the way and can't find a solution to one of your problems you can always ask the WPMU Dev Community and they will point you into the right direction. I hope this helps and please do reply if you have any more questions.


  • Timothy Bowers
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    That is a really interesting website! Micro financing some cool stuff there.

    Some pretty sound advice there by Xavier. :slight_smile:

    We don't have an exact fix as mentioned, to get it exactly you would need to do some custom coding or hire in a developer to do that for you.

    Fundraiser with Network would be the closest option.

    Out of interest what are the legalities on this? Do you need to be a bank? A charity? something else?

    Just interested :slight_smile:

    Take care

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