Can I create affiliate marketers without them using the product?

I want to create a site where Mommy Bloggers can come to sign up to be associate marketers for my online parenting courses. This plug in seems to be targeted at purchasers of one of my courses to also be a seller of the course, which is not what I'm interested in. Can I create a site with this plugin for those who are strictly resellers of my courses?

  • Kasia Swiderska

    Hello Randy,

    Could you tell me more about how this reseller thing will work? I want to be sure we are on the same page.
    Affiliates plugins is created for site owners that want to reward people that are promoting their product - so in your case this will be Course.
    So lets assume that you have site with course and you have registered users there and they agreed to promote your course (generated referral link in their profile settings) - so if you allow your user to register without paying for the course they still can reffer course. They dont need to use it.

    kind regards,

  • Randy

    Here's more Specific.
    Jane smith runs
    I want Jane to sell my potty mastery course, I do not want her to have to "take/buy" the Potty Mastery course.
    She contacts my affiliate site ( and joins as an affiliate reseller (using YOUR software) .
    She gets her own code name/number ( or http://www.mysite/affilate-555 -- however your system works), fills out her profile/dashboard, downloads my creatives to use on her site to sell my product, links her affiliate code to my banners, and promotes the sale of Potty Master on her blog as well as on her Facebook account.
    Jane gets paid when the PayPal payment comes through or automatically and instantly when it's made (my preference).
    I now have an affiliate membership site with 120 Mommy bloggers, and two IMers who are selling my courses. I have all their names and their affiliate IDs, emails, and other info. I can contact them individually or collectively or by products they have sold of mine.
    THAT's what I want to know if your software can do.

  • Rupok

    Hi Randy

    Hope you had a wonderful day.

    I want Jane to sell my potty mastery course, I do not want her to have to "take/buy" the Potty Mastery course.

    This is the current behavior for Affiliates plugin. Anyone can promote your course but he/she doesn't necessarily have to enroll that course. Your resellers can just create an account in your site and go to "" link and generate their affiliate link. Then they can promote their affiliate link. Any people coming to your site for the first time with affiliate link and enroll in your courses will be tracked.

    Please let us know if you still have any confusion. We will be glad to help.

    Have a nice day. Cheers!

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