Can I create exceptional hours for locations

we are using Appointments for room management at a conference over a 6 day period. Each room is a location and each location has a corresponding service. There are no Service providers.

3 out of 6 of the meeting rooms are available for only 4 days.

Is there a way to make an exceptional time setting for each location?

  • Alexander
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    Hi @mrpatulski,

    The best way to do this would be create one "service" to cover all rooms, and create separate "service providers" for each room. You can set the service providers to "dummy" so they won't require a user account and any notifications go to the admin.

    Then on your appointments page, you can use a shortcode that is specific to that service like this:

    [app_schedule service="1"]

    This way they won't be able to select a service - only the provider. You can also now use the exceptions management page to help better control the available times.

    Best regards,

  • mrpatulski
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    Hi Alex,
    That could work.

    Can a service provider be 1 to many? ie of the capacity of a room is 6, can this service provider be used multiple times or do I call each dummy provider by a sensible name like:

    Room A:
    Room A Slot 1
    Room A Slot 2...
    Room A Slot 6

    Room B:
    Room B Slot 1
    Room B Slot 2...
    Room B Slot 6

  • Alexander
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    Hi @mrpatulski,

    If the capacity is the same for all rooms, you could set the capacity in the service settings to 6. Then it would allow 6 reservations for any given slots without the user needing to select one.

    Otherwise, if rooms have different capacities, it could get a bit more complicated as you would need to create multiple services, then create a service provider for each of these.

    Best regards,

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