Can I customise different BuddyPress components with membership access levels?


I am currently building a photography community website using BuddyPress. I've downloaded and installed your Membership Premium plugin as I would like to control what different members of the website can do.

Basically the membership levels are split into two:

1. Photographers - This member has access to a normal buddypress profile where they can upload photos to the website, message other members, add information to their profile, etc. This user level is determined by the admin of the site.

2. Subscribers - This is the basic user levels for anyone who registers to the website. They can follow photographers, comment on photos, message photographers and sign up to email newsletters but I want to stop them uploading photos to the website or adding certain info to their profile.

I've already customised a BuddyPress installation to make it possible for photographers to upload photos and add info to their profiles but at the moment anyone who subscribes to the site can do this.

So my question is can I use this plugin to set a user access level to stop users accessing certain components of the buddy press profile and make it so an admin can switch the access level to photographer when we decide to let someone upload photos to the site?

I hope that makes sense.