can I delete 'cancel subscription' in the 'change your current plan'


In pro sites Pricing Table you can change the pricing, tabs, features etc. But above the pricing tables there is a button and a text :

" 'Cancel your subscription'
If you choose to cancel your subscription this site should continue to have TWIQ STANDARD MEMBERSHIP features until January 11, 2016 "

Where can I change or delete this option?
If posible I would like to delete the button 'Cancel your subscription' and instead put my email so members can contact me if they want to delete their account. so they can't do it them self, I have to do it manually when receiving an email from them.

(My members have 14 days of free trial before they have to choose between the different 'levels' )

Thanks in advance :slight_smile:

  • Rupok

    Hi TWIQ

    I hope you had a wonderful day.

    You can do this by creating a MU Plugin. For creating a mu plugin, create a folder named "mu-plugins" inside your "wp-content" folder. Then inside that "mu-plugins" folder, create a file with any name and with a .php extension. Now paste the code inside that file and save.

    add_action( 'wp_footer', 'change_cancel_text' );
    function change_cancel_text() {
        <script type="text/javascript">
    		    jQuery(".prosites-cancel-link a:first").replaceWith("Your Email Address");
    		    jQuery(".prosites-cancel-description").replaceWith("Description of the process");

    Please replace "Your email address" and "Description of the process" with your desired text.

    For getting more idea on mu plugins, you can go through this article:

    Have a nice day. Cheers!

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