can I delete 'create a site' in the top menu in the right?


in the right corner in the top menu there is a button called sites --> create a site

I would like to delete this button or at least change the site it directs to.. right now it directs to a site that does not exist --> http://exapmle/blogs/create/

(I want to delete it for my users/members, so they can only have 1 page - the one they create when signing up)

Can I do this? If so where? or where can I find the site with the url in my backend admin bar : http://exapmle/blogs/create/

obs: before it was called and linked to my directory-site/create but I don't need this site (it does not do anything for me or my site, so to keep it simple, I made it into a draft and now when you click 'create a site' when logged in as a member it directs to http://exapmle/blogs/create/