Can I delete the meta_key and meta_value for mcc_copied

I'm using the Multisite Content Copier and the Cloner plugin, they're great! I'm also doing a bunch of custom meta box creation and while I've been cleaning up my local dev database I'm noticing the mcc_copied with a value of 1.

I wondered if I can safely delete that from the database, it's showing up in my list of custom fields and don't want to confuse anyone that sees it in there.


  • Rupok
    • Support Ninja

    Hi David Kaplan,

    Thanks for asking. The best way to find out is creating a backup of your database first and then delete that entry from the database. If you find out anything broken locally, then you can simply restore your database dump. And if everything goes fine as they were, then you can keep it removed.

    Still, I'm pinging our developer as he can give us best idea regarding this. I'll update you as soon as I get anything from him.

    Please keep in mind, our developers work around the clock and they have to deal with lots of critical issues and other things. So it may take a little while for them to check this and provide a feedback.

    I will appreciate your patience.

    Have a nice day. Cheers!

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