Can I disable Shipping in MarketPress?

I’m using MarketPress to sell two products my farm produces online. 1) Side of beef that my customers pick up directly from the Butcher – so no shipping. and 2) Hayrides that are a service and no shipping.

That said, I deselected or said “NO” to shipping, in the settings, but yet each time someone orders, it takes them through the shipping process.

In a test of the process, I selected a side of beef and added it to my cart. I then chose to Check out now. I was then Navigated to a “shipping page” where I was asked to “enter your shipping info”. I plugged in my email then selected “Continue to Checkout”. Entered my shipping info, included my CC data and selected continue only to arrive at “enter your billing info” Which was mostly filled out but then it wanted my CC data again Entered CC data (again) THEN it wanted me to Confirm Payment (i did) and it took me to a page that listed my now incomplete shipping data but it did have my billing data. So I “confirm Payment” (without putting in the shipping info that went missing) and got the message,” there was a problem finalizing your purchase. “Please go back and try again”

Domain is:

Using MarketPress v2.9.4 with as my payment processor, which is right now in Test mode.

I’m confused on what is missing. Any help is greatly appreciated!