Can I display full content and meta for each product using product list?

I have a client site with 3 types of products: Seminars, Classes, and DVDs. There are only a few seminars, so I have listed each of those using the single product shortcode on the "Seminars & Retreats" page and I like how that displays with full content and product meta.

There are many more classes and DVDs, so I want to use the product list shortcode to display all classes (or all DVDs) on each of those pages. But I do not get the full content and I don't get the quantity info. Does the product list shortcode have options to display each product in a way that matches the options in the single product shortcode?

I don't want my client to have to add in each product's shortcode to the corresponding page every time he adds a product.

Alternatively, how would I code a custom category page to display each product "in full"?