Can I do this with Buddypress and Multisite?


Thank you for all you do with WPMUDEV! I’m so glad to be a part of this community.

My question is, I’m trying to determine if what I want to do can be done by combining Buddypress and Multisite, and if so, what’s the easiest — and/or best :wink: — way to go about it.

This is what I’d like to have:

I have my own business, and I want that to be the focus. I train horses, give lessons, etc., so there will be a basic main site with all the pages of general information like a normal site (gallery, video page, about me, etc). I’d love for this to be extremely visual, like these:,,,, or But the problem with those templates is that none of them are initially compatible with BuddyPress, and I’m afraid I’d just have to do too much coding to make it work? How hard is it to add things like “add your own site for a fee” or “login here”?

Then I also want the ability for people to pay to create their own blog on my site, keep a blog of their horse training experiences, and then I comment on that blog to provide personal feedback on the training. I want other users to also be able to view all other users’ blogs, comment on them, etc. However, I do NOT want other non-paying members to see these blogs. So the Multisite part of this needs to be entirely closed.

I want each user to be able to have a profile, interact with other members (messages, etc.) and participate in a group forum. I want them to be able to create groups (such as “Horse Study Group in Minnesota”:wink: and interact in that way. That’s where the Buddypress compatibility comes in.

And there’s even more (I know, this is super involved). I want a paid section where people can go to a page, and through PayPal, buy certain services — booking an equine show, booking a lesson, training, Skype consultation, etc., pay to access certain pages, like pages full of videos. I’d even love to be able for non-paying members to preview those videos (watch the first 30 seconds, or for articles, read the first paragraph), but then pay to access the whole thing.

Do you think this is possible in editing a theme like Or would I really be better off getting a theme already set up for Buddypress, if not Multisite?

Thank you,