Can I force a backup location?

Hi I want to provide my "sites" with the option to back up their site, however I don't want them to use the server for storage, I want to force them to use one of the available options like dropbox. Is there a way to limit where a Site, stores their backup? And if not would you please move this to the feature request area? I think this kind of limitation would be important for people trying to run wordpress hosting so sites don't take up a lot of space when there are free services like dropbox :slight_smile:


  • Vaughan

    Hi chris,

    Hope you're well?

    There's an option toset a limit on how many snapshots can be stored locally. if you set this to 1, then only 1 copy will of each will be kept locally. The old archive will be deleted the next time a snapshot is created.

    Unfortunately, you can't stop the localcopy because snapshot actually creates that locally, once completed, the completed zipfile is then uploaded to whichever 3rd party destination you selected in the snapshot. It relies on WP_CRON, so you will always need 1 copy on the localhost, it doesn't create the zip on the fly and upload to the 3rd party destination as it's being created.

    Hope this helps

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