can i get my money back

I admit my amateur and have no prior knowledge, i was under the impression that there was a live help include in the full package there is not and the 133 themes are so basic they are the worst i have seen. I have tried a number of the main themes, they are also more basic than free themes available from wordpress but nothing works i keep trying to add a new header but when i click save nothing changes or in one theme the logo is stretched across the screen.

Im really disappointed i work for a charity supporting disabled children and i picked you because your website was excellent, you seem to offer everything i need including support and i thought we could do a really good website.

Im in the Uk and all the funding to charities is being reduced or stopped we need to stay ahead of the game so we need an excellent website to tell funders and the world all the good work we do.

Can you advise im i doing something wrong, im working locally on my mac using Mamp. If you can help me guys i would really appreciate that.

Thanks Simon