Can I get Woocommerce help here? #UrgentRequest

Ok, I'm not sure if you guys offer support/info when using Woocommerce. Do you? I am having one hell of a problem with it and have posted it on the support for the plugin, but nothing yet and I need some real help!

Here is what my post was for support on


First, I understand Woocommerce quite a bit. And I don' think I am missing anything in my Woocommerce setup. But hopefully you can find it in your heart to help me figure out why when a purchase is made that after purchase the downloadable links are not generated. They are not generated to the buyer's account nor are they added to the automated invoice email. So, in the meantime I am having to respond to my client's customers manually with download links I have had to create manually through a 3rd party plugin to keep the URLs hidden.

Here is my Woocommere troubleshooting and settings breakdown.

All the details of the invoice are correct and the details of the purchase in the buyer's account. The only thing missing is the downloadable links.

Now, these files some are fairly large audios, but I built this mockup site for my client prior and everything worked fine. I've also tested even a small pdf document to be downloadable after purchase and I still get nothing after purchase, no downloadable link.

My product data settings are:
"Simple Product" > Virtual (Checked) > Downloadable (Checked).

I've used the default "Choose File" method to input my downloadable products.

From there in troubleshooting I've tried, Woocommerce's download options such as mod_xsendfile and redirect only. I'm already using the Force Downloads option. None of these above methods has resulted in any difference.

From there I've searched online for solutions and came to nothing. My Woocommerce .htaccess is fine, which is "deny from all" and that is it.

From there I troubleshooted down every plugin that would maybe make a difference in affecting Woocommerce.

From there I have finally deactivated every single plugin on my testing site for this and only have Woocommerce active.

I still get the same problem.

The hosting account is HostGator and when I built the mockup site for this client, everything worked fine on the same hosting as well.



I can provide logins as this is already a dev/testing site that I need to get published, so I can quit working extra for the lack of the store working.

Best regards WPMU!

  • Noahj Champion
    • Site Builder, Child of Zeus

    Hey Vaughan, yes would you please login and take a look. I can't imagine what the problem is as I have done way above and beyond to fix this store problem, even matching it up with another store that does work. I've spent about 15 hours trying to figure this out, but I literally can't go any further, because I don't know where to even begin now.

    Where can I send login details?

  • Vaughan
    • Support/SLS MockingJay


    sorry for the delay

    i took a look around, but couldn't see much with the settings.

    I did notice though that there was lots of error 500 errors when i tried viewing lots of pages, which leads me to believe there may be other underlying issues.

    can you check for error_log files in your public_html (or the folder containing your wp-config.php)

    also check for an error_log in your /wp-admin folder.


  • Noahj Champion
    • Site Builder, Child of Zeus

    Hi Vaughan, thanks for taking a look around.

    I checked for error logs and have nothing out of the norm.

    I think the 500 errors would have been from a client's IMAP processes overloading the server, which we took care of about a day ago.

    Can you still provide a URL example at all of a page with the 500 error?

    I don't get any.

    You can email me, if that is easier.

    I will remember to follow up in this post though to close it, etc.

    --- I am today going to try an older version of Woocommerce, that I know is working on another client's website. That is pretty much my last resort. If that doesn't work, I will have to take sometime to convert to Marketpress.

    Best regards Vaughan!

  • Noahj Champion
    • Site Builder, Child of Zeus

    Hey Vaughan!

    I figured this out after switching to WPEngine and with the help of WPEngine.

    The problem was my database table prefix somewhere in WooCommerce.

    I'm not sure exactly why because WooCommerce is to work with variable to work with my custom database table prefix. But somewhere in changing this table everything worked for Woocommerce accept dropping the digital download links in the customer's account and email invoice.

    Changing my table prefix back to "wp_" fixed everything.

    Never would of guessed this but, soo glad this is fixed!

    Saving me a lot of time now, because this actually has been the same problem why localhost wasn't working to well for me. So now I can do my localhost as well!


    Thanks for looking into this and your courtesy Vaughan!

    • Noahj Champion
      • Site Builder, Child of Zeus

      Ha! @Orbisius .. having seen this and plenty from another forum I have to say I am just so glad I got pass this. Trying to figure this out has been one of my worst times.

      Now, I see my link to the forum for this isn't in here so I will post it. Maybe you can find some of the troubleshooting methods there ot work for you @ Please Help! Woocommerce will not add download links after purchases. (24 posts).

      If they look like the are starting not to work, I would start over man!! Sorry, but seeing how it didn't pan out well for others, I would want you to go through what I went through and others have.

      The other thing I have learned new that might help you is to increase your php memory limit. Or any memory limit you can find. It might be timing out so to speak when trying to drop the Woocommerce links.

  • Jack Kitterhing
    • Code Norris

    Hi there @Orbisius and @Noahj Champion,

    Hope you're both well today, thanks for your awesome post @Noahj Champion :slight_smile:

    @Orbisius It might also be worth checking your max execution time and contacting WooThemes directly, as there have been a lot of WooCommerce updates since this thread was originally started. :slight_smile:

    Thank you!

    Kind Regards

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