Can I get Woocommerce help here? #UrgentRequest

Ok, I'm not sure if you guys offer support/info when using Woocommerce. Do you? I am having one hell of a problem with it and have posted it on the support for the plugin, but nothing yet and I need some real help!

Here is what my post was for support on


First, I understand Woocommerce quite a bit. And I don' think I am missing anything in my Woocommerce setup. But hopefully you can find it in your heart to help me figure out why when a purchase is made that after purchase the downloadable links are not generated. They are not generated to the buyer's account nor are they added to the automated invoice email. So, in the meantime I am having to respond to my client's customers manually with download links I have had to create manually through a 3rd party plugin to keep the URLs hidden.

Here is my Woocommere troubleshooting and settings breakdown.

All the details of the invoice are correct and the details of the purchase in the buyer's account. The only thing missing is the downloadable links.

Now, these files some are fairly large audios, but I built this mockup site for my client prior and everything worked fine. I've also tested even a small pdf document to be downloadable after purchase and I still get nothing after purchase, no downloadable link.

My product data settings are:
"Simple Product" > Virtual (Checked) > Downloadable (Checked).

I've used the default "Choose File" method to input my downloadable products.

From there in troubleshooting I've tried, Woocommerce's download options such as mod_xsendfile and redirect only. I'm already using the Force Downloads option. None of these above methods has resulted in any difference.

From there I've searched online for solutions and came to nothing. My Woocommerce .htaccess is fine, which is "deny from all" and that is it.

From there I troubleshooted down every plugin that would maybe make a difference in affecting Woocommerce.

From there I have finally deactivated every single plugin on my testing site for this and only have Woocommerce active.

I still get the same problem.

The hosting account is HostGator and when I built the mockup site for this client, everything worked fine on the same hosting as well.



I can provide logins as this is already a dev/testing site that I need to get published, so I can quit working extra for the lack of the store working.

Best regards WPMU!