Can I give members access to a certain plugin?

Is there a way to allow my "Members" to access a certain plugin? I tried adding "plugins" to a positive rule under the Members level and selecting the plugin I wanted to allow access to but all that happened was the member dashboard links on the left all disappeared except the "Dashboard" link.


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    Yes, that access rule can be added to grant/restrict access to plugins & settings. But the user must have the required capability to do so. Membership doesn't modify roles & capabilities.

    The capability needed to access plugins is activate_plugins which is inherent to the admin role.

    So, to grant access to plugins to your users, you would first need to give them that capability.

    You can either tweak the existing default role of your users with the help of a plugin like User Role Editor:

    Or create a new role with that capability using the above plugin, then assign that role to your users on the required access level under the "Advanced" tab in the access level settings. Be careful though, if you switch tabs, all your access rules are deleted and you have to drag 'em in again!

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