Can I have 2 Welcome pages after subscriptions are paid for?

I have 2 subscription levels - gold and silver. The gold level includes another membership site which has its own profile to set up. The silver has only the main site form to set up. The gold will have to have 2 links to do both sites profiles and silver will have only one. Is there some way to have 2 different welcome pages for each of the paid subscriptions? I don't want a silver subscription to have the link to the form for the other site.


  • Seth
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    Hi Brandee,

    Head over to the "options" tab under the main membership menu in your WordPress admin. Once there, select the "Membership Pages" tab. Under that tab, you'll find the options laid out in this screen shot below. As you can see, you can set up the registration page for all levels there.

    Once that's done, you'd use shortcodes to create the content which you want displayed on the welcome page for each membership level. For example, let's assume you've got the following three levels:

    "level 2"
    "level 3"

    For each level, you'll have shortcodes which will look like this:


    By placing that shortcode around a content area, you hide it from everyone except that level. So if you put this on your welcome page...

    [level-visitors]Welcome visitors![/level-visitors]
    [level-level-2]Welcome to level 2 membership![/level-level-2]
    [level-level-3]Hey Level 3 members...YOU ROCK![/level-level-3]

    ...your "visitor" level members will see only this...

    Welcome visitors!

    ...while your level 2 members see only this...

    Welcome to level 2 membership!

    ...and your level 3 members will see this...

    Hey Level 3 members...YOU ROCK!

    In essence, you're using the shorcodes to create a page that displays content based on who is viewing it.

  • Patrick
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    The explanation provided by @Seth is right on the money. :slight_smile:

    If you don't mind, I'm going to go ahead and mark this thread as resolved. If you still need more help on this, simply re-open the thread by ticking the Mark as Not Resolved (re-open) box below.

    Have a great day! :slight_smile:

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