Can I have a sort function on teh archive page of my events plugin?

I am running events in the UK and want users to be able to sort the events by region.

I have created 5 categories (Kent, Surrey, London, Southampton and 1066 Country) for 5 different regions - not sure if this helps?


  • Jack Kitterhing
    • Code Norris

    Hi there Gill (@Gill Buchanan)

    I hope you are well today and thank you for your question.

    The best way to do would be to create the categories as you have done and then create pages for each region/county and use the shortcode, are you using list view or calendar view?

    If your using list view you can use this shortcode

    [eab_archive category="category-slug or ID here"]

    Thank you!

    Kind Regards

  • George
    • Accounts - Team Leader

    Hi there @Gill Buchanan and @Jack Kitterhing!

    I found this plugin which can offer you what exactly you want to do!

    If you take a look of plugin screenshots you may see that adding filters the way you want to is really easy and really effective. (ex. tags - categories)

    I found this plugin yesterday (wish i knew it before when you asked in an older post!)

    Hope that helps!

  • George
    • Accounts - Team Leader

    Hi again @Gill Buchanan

    You may add Location Categories, (paid events categories, free events categories etc.. ).
    Then you have to add the plugin widget "Taxonomy Drill-Down"
    from Appearance >Widgets

    Hope that helps

  • George
    • Accounts - Team Leader

    If you want to make it more professional,
    Then you may create posts for every event location (using shortcodes from events+ settings) and add tag locations.
    So if you have 5 different locations, you will create 5 different posts
    (lets say this 5 posts are located in events page)
    Then you may select tag filter options from widget!

    Then you will have something like this :

    Using this method, you will not have to add categories locations when creating an event
    You just have to assign each event in a post using a "tag location"

    Hope that helps,

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