Can I have affiliate plugin per site on multisite

I have a multisite, buddypress, pro site installed on my main url. Then I have multiple "admin" sites created for different things within the network.

Most of these sites have content available to visitors, more available to pro site members.

The main site has pro site on it, and I would like to set up an affiliate for members on that.

I have another site that has a free membership to the pro site members and also product/service available to visitors to the site. I would like to be able to set up an affiliate program for members on that one as well.

Finally, I have a marketplace, which is free to members and will have a digital downloads for sale, still working out the details on what plugins will be most effective. But, I want to be able to have commissions set up on this site. I will be paying contributing members a 50% commission.

I think I can do all of this with the affiliate plugin. So, do I not network activate, and only activate per site? Or am I asking it to do more than it can do?

Thanks in advance, Linda @iempoweru