Can I have co-owners in Membership?

Hi, I am creating a membership site using Membership from which I will sell my video courses. Now I have been approached by other people who want to sell their video courses through my site.
Can I use Membership with MarketPress with something else to be able to have co-owners who get their cut as soon as someone purchases?

If Yes, is this system also integrated with Affiliates plugin?

For me the best would to be able to:
1) Sell my products
2) Sell products I co-own with other people and let them see the real sales and stats (only for stuff we co-own)
3) Have an affiliate system behind all this that lets me track all conversions and fees

Thank you very much

  • PC

    Hey there Andrea,

    Thanks for your post.

    Can I use Membership with MarketPress with something else to be able to have co-owners who get their cut as soon as someone purchases?

    Not on the same site, No.

    Even if you create a affiliate program, everyone who becomes an affiliate will get a cut as soon as a sale is made depending on your affiliate settings.

    Membership can not use MarketPress for making payments etc else you could use WordPress multisite with PayPal chained payments where you can set a % off sales to go to your account and rest goes to the subsite admin's account from where a product has been sold.

    So if you use MarketPress + WordPress multisite, then you can do something like that but in that case you will need to manually assign the access to the course.

    Let me however discuss this with my colleague @Jack Kitterhing to see if I can find more on this topic.

    He should be here sooner than later.

    Cheers, PC

  • Andrea


    I really like the membership plugin more than any other plugin out there so far. I am wondering if we can achieve the following via Zapier...
    WooThemes has a plugin that allows me to have co-owners and that integrates with woocommerce which integrates with Zapier.

    I am thinking...

    Can you look into Zapier and tell me if there is some hook whereby if a user purchases a course from woocommerce it automatically creates the user within Membership and assigns it to the right level.

    PLease let me know.

  • Andrea

    Yes I can have multiple vendors via WooCommerce by using this plugin here:

    Now I need to find a way to make sure that when a user buys access via WooCommerce, Membership automagically creates a new user with the right level.

    Thats why Im thinking about Zapier or since im not that techy, I just hope you have a nice little solution.

    If I have this up i can create a site like lynda almost but with different levels, and have affiliates promoting it. It would be the best thing in the world for me, please help! Or create something like this :slight_smile:

    Thanks bunches

  • Andrea

    HEy PC

    I found a solution to the whole thing but dont like it because it involves zero plugins from WPMU :slight_frown:

    BASICALLY this is the plan to achieve what I need so far:
    - Have WooCommerce installed and sell memberships from there
    - Have Wishlist installed and also have the Wishlist to WooCommerce integration plugin installed (this plugin has the pinging function inside)
    - Have the Affiliate plugin installed and integrated with WooCommerce
    - Have the Product Vendors plugin installed and integrated with WooCommerce for co-ownwership

    I got everything... but I have a problem, I dont like the Wishlist plugin, I think it's too complex for me, while I love Membership plugin... so if you can find a way to let me use Membership in place of Wishlist I would be super happy.

    Thank you in advance

  • PC

    Hey there Ken,

    Thanks for your post.

    Could you please address the Zapier question in this thread?
    I am looking at Woo, too, because it has Zapier integration which makes it as easy as can be to connect to the 200+ apps they support.

    Currently membership plugin does not allow Zapier integration out of the box. If that is required, it will need to be custom coded.

    I have however moved this to "Features and Feedback" and called our lead developer @Eugene Manuilov on this thread for his feedback on the same.

    Cheers, PC

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