can I have cumulative membership levels? (all the benefits of basic membership PLUS all the benefits

A little background: I am trying to put together a submission/ordering site for a client that produces custom cookbooks.
I would like to have:
1) a "visitor" level (not contracted for a cookbook)
2) a standard "member" level access to documents/pages to do with generic custom cookbook information (like specialized contact info or general printing tips)
and then, for each group running a cookbook
3) a specialized "group" level (Organization page, submission form, directory of previously submitted recipes, and an ordering page) that is unique to each group (ie Group1 Group2 Group3 etc)

I can certainly solve it by have a unique access level for each group and specifying all the pages in the "member" and all the pages in the "group" for each club, However, coming at it from a data entry perspective, it would be much easier if I could specify a base "member" access level and add to it the group level. This would allow, for example, the addition of a new member page, where all I have to do is change the definition in the member level and all of the current groups would have access to it (rather than having to adjust each group to reflect the new pages)

I someone has a better approach for this, I am all ears!