Can I i use chat as a admin - user solution?

So I want to develop a service where Users will come to the site. Register, then they will have access to a page that simply displays a real time chat message box. They can type into this message box and admin will respond with their answers in real Real time. I want this box to be logged so that its specific to the user and is saved for admins future reference. Also is there a notifications systems so admin knows when they are being messaged?

  • Michelle Shull

    Hi, Aaron!

    That's a bit more advanced than what Chat can do out of the box, but we do have some options here.

    1. Private chats are possible, but only if the two people in the chat are "friends", either through BuddyPress or our Friends plugin. This is a way to ensure two-way opt-in, but it does limit using our chat as a one-on-one tool without the extra steps of making a friend connection.
    2. All chats can be archived by the admin or a chat moderator who's given the proper permissions. Once archived, I'm fairly certain expired chats are stored as custom post types. With some custom work, you'd be able to generate a list of archived chats you could sort or display by participant. It's a little more than we could whip up in the support forum, but we do have a jobs board if users are looking to hire an independent dev.
    3. You can turn on audible alerts, so as long as the admin has the chat page or a page with the chat window open in a browser and the speakers on, they'll hear a notification.

    Hope this helps!

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