Can I integrate an individual GCal for each provider?

My services providers have different availability schedules. Can I use a different GCal for each one?

  • Vaughan

    Hi @Joao,

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    Indeed you can, you need to select yes for 'Allow Service Providers for Google Calendar API Integration' in the Gcal settings page. (screenshot 1)

    Dashboard > appointments > settings > gcal

    they will need to follow the instructions given on the gcal page that you followed to create your own gcal app. (Be sure to tell them to not use their primary calendar, they have to create a new calendar in google to use.)

    Once they have that set up, they can enter their own gcal settings by editing their user profile (screenshot 2)

    The only awkward part, is they will need to send you the keyfile, which you will then have to upload to the same location as your own keyfile using FTP, as they will not have access to FTP to do this themselves, so you will need to do that part for them.

    Hope this helps

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