Can I limit my client's ability to install plugins and themes?

I am new to your service. It is not clear to me how to only have clients get what I say they should have in their WP website

  • Ash

    Hello @scottlowe

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    I hope you are well today and thanks for asking the question.

    You can't limit your client to install themes and plugins. What you can do is, install all required themes and plugins by yourself and then restrict the users to install any plugins and themes.

    For that please add the following line. You can add those codes in your functions.php in the theme, if you think your theme won’t be changed. Otherwise mu-plugins is the best solution. To use mu-plugins, go to /wp-content/ and find the folder with name 'mu-plugins'. If there is no folder in that name, then create a folder, name it 'mu-plugins', create a file inside that, give any name you like and paste the code in their. You don't need to activate that plugin. Mu-plugins means must use plugins, so it will be activated automatically always.


    Please let me know if it is helpful and feel free to ask more question if you have.


  • oliviersp

    Hi ScottLowe,

    I think you can limit those stuff with the plugin Pro Sites from Wpmudev. Here's my "custom solution": Install the plugin WPMU New Blog Default Role, with this plugin you can set a new role of each new user, like Editor so the user will not have access to the plugin and theme section.

    With this plugin, you can edit access for each role: User Role Editor.

    And! with this other plugin, you can edit the Wordpress menu for each role: Admin Menu Editor

    I know it's a really custom solution and not turnkey but I think you can do pretty much what you want with that.

    Let me know if it works for you.


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