Can i Make a CustomPress Image Gallery Setup


I am trying to create a custom field to select images from the media library to add to a gallery.

similar to the functionality of

advanced custom field’s

gallery plugin

I would really like to have the visual selection and ordering of images chosen.

any ideas?

  • Vaughan
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    thanks for posting.

    unfortunately, that isn’t possible at this time, customPress doesn’t currently support images. however i have seen discussion regarding it so it might be on the feature list for an upcoming version.

    hope this helps

    thanks for being a member of wpmudev.

  • kylem
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    I’ve done something like this but what I did was created galleries in NextGen Gallery, created a normal text custom field called Gallery ID and put some code in my template that would use the value of that field to display the appropriate NextGen Gallery.

    If you’d like I’d be happy to demonstrate how I did that. I’m no wiz with this stuff so it might not be the most elegant of coding but it works and it is pretty intuitive for the user on the backend.

  • kylem
    • Design Lord, Child of Thor

    Hey @kerry_rawe sorry about the delay. Here is basically what I did to accomplish something like this. It was a while ago so forgive any impracticalities.

    Basically I modified my single.php in my child theme to have this code below the content:

    $gallery_id = get_post_meta( $post->ID, 'wpcf-nextgen-gallery-id', true); // Get gallery id from custom field data
    $catfish = 18;
    if( isset($gallery_id) ){
    echo "<div class="post-gallery">";
    echo do_shortcode('[scrollGallery id="' .$gallery_id. '"]');
    echo "</div>";

    This was after I used the Types plugin to create a custom field that site editors can use to simply throw the ID of the appropriate gallery in.

    To clarify:

    1. Install NextGen Gallery

    2. Create some galleries

    3. Install Types and create a custom field

    4. Find the IDs of the galleries and throw their values into the appropriate posts

    5. Add the above code to the single.php file

    This was MY process. I would certainly do a few things differently today but the idea isn’t too bad I guess.

    I hope this isn’t too confusing or lame. Best of luck to ya.

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