Can I manually sign up someone for membership?

I wanted to know if I can manually add or update someone into Membership without interfering with the payment gateway process. I saw a note that said there could be an issue. We use

Essentially trying to figure out if we have a program that does not require a credit card up front, can we add them as a member and have the system notify them at the end of the trial period when the credit card is required?

  • brian9500

    It does, however there was a note on one of your pages that said if I do the process manually that it could interfere with the payment gateway. I just wanted to be sure that if I had a membership that was set up that way that I could indeed manually put them in.

    Specifically, here is my situation. We have a beta test starting and we are going to offer a special program for them. It is not set up as a page on our site since it's just for our beta testers so I will need to enter them in. the initial sign up should not require a credit card but when the period ends (let's say 1 month) I want to make sure they are prompted to enter their payment info. Make sense?

  • Mike

    Hi @brian9500

    We're just doing a little housekeeping to see if we have dropped the ball anywhere. We haven't replied here for over 6 months which is obviously not good enough. And I apologise for that.

    I noticed in another thread that you were looking for an alternative solution for membership so I assume that this is no longer an issue, however if it is please feel free to open this discussion again.


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