Can I migrate away from s2Member and use WPMUDEV to do these thigns…?

Here is a big one…

I use s2Member “Pro” with PayPal Pro and PayFlow… (hence my lack of sleep this year)

…and for the last six months, three or more days a week, I’ve LIVED in the s2Member plugin and their forum trying to resolve multiple issues.

And if you’ve used s2Member and WPMUDEV–you already know how *VAST* a difference the “support” is at s2Member.

I’m interested in the Membership Plugin but have some questions and concerns to help migrate all of our membership 100% transparently away from s2Member.

While we’re not PHP/MySQL gurus, we’re technical and experienced with web, IT, hosting, programming and development.

But we want our membership system to work for us automatically once we enter all the settings–we want to drive the car–not work on it every day.

You know, just go crazy and plugin a “PLUGIN” and let it WORK :slight_smile: :slight_smile: :slight_smile:

VIP Issues

Some members cancel and continue to be charged via PayPal for several months (including my own test account!)

Some members cancel and continue to have access to member content for months

Some members cancel and continue to have access to iTunes, member only podcasts

Some users try to become a member and they get authentication errors — we’re literally in the 20th our of that issue right now

There are other issues I cannot recall off the top of my head.

But in short, we don’t want to have to keep trying to fix these issues for the 10% of the instances where they occur, nor keep trying to identify WHY they happen, or what’s causing it…we kinda think the membership system should just … work.

It Would Be VERY Nice to Have

I wanted to offer a Gift Certificate and a Gift Membership form where users could buy a membership gift and the form would accept the giver and the recipient info. S2Member’s answer–go pound sand, s2Member cannot do that.

I want to be able to edit fields in the default forms, adding or removing them (without modifying the core plugin, or getting an MIS degree in PHP)… same answer.

I wanted to be able to change the size of individual fields in the default s2Member forms (they’re all the same full page width! Which you can wrap in a div and make them all 400px wide–ooohhhhh, lovely) useless. Same answer.

We have three user levels which do Content control:

User Levels

1. User (WordPress free Subscriber)

2. L1 Member, recurring monthly at $ xx

3. L2 Member, recurring monthly at $ yy

Content Control

1. Access to exclusive pages (with content and media)

2. Access to iTunes member only subscription

The important questions:

1. Will the Membership Plugin work with PayPal Pro and PayFlow to manage recurring membership subscription payments?

2. If we use the Membership Plugin, will we be able to transparently migrate our user records? – We’re aware that s2Member does not use it’s own table, and that it does use the default WordPress User table (if that’s true).

3. If we use the Membership Plugin can we install it, wire it up to PayPal, and continue with our membership base so that the existing members do not need to change anything?

a. Will existing members need to change anything?

b. Will we need to change anything in our records or in PayPal records?

4. Does the Membership Plugin work with iTunes podcasts for member only subscriptions?

5. Does the Membership Plugin work with our media content on Amazon S3 CDN?

6. Does the Membership Plugin easily allow us to drag and drop create gift certificate/gift registration/gift membership forms (which allow a giver to put the recipient’s information in the form so that the membership goes to the recipient in email)?

7. A lesser consideration, but does the Membership Plugin allow drag and drop integration with Formidable Pro?

8. Are there any questions I’m not asking that I’ll wish I had asked?

Finally, if anything cannot be done the way we currently do it–can the Membership Plugin accomplish the work in another (turn key, non PHP coding) way?

Thank you for your serious consideration and clear, specific answers to each question… you amazing WPMUDEV community and staff.