CAn I move my affliates to a new site and keep the same links?

I need to move my site to another url. I have done 30 affiliate links and want to keep them the same is this possible?

  • Elliott Bristow
    • The Bug Hunter

    Hi JMGreenman,

    I'm afraid the plugin doesn't have an export/import option that you can use to migrate them to another site, so you'd have to look into extracting the information directly from the MySQL table and then importing that into the MySQL database of the new site. Not an easy process for anyone who is not familiar with MySQL... and not really recommended either.

    I'm afraid your only other option is to manually recreate them.

  • JMGreenman
    • Design Lord, Child of Thor

    If I recreate them they will be different right?

    Maybe you can suggest something else.
    I was suppose to have the site installed on a subdomain and have the new url point to it. Instead I installed on the new domain.

    Is there anything I can do?

  • Elliott Bristow
    • The Bug Hunter

    The only thing I can think of would be to manually edit the affiliate links in the MySQL database once you create the new ones (via phpMyAdmin or similar tool) so that they match the old ones... but I wouldn't really RECOMMEND doing that as one small error in the SQL could bring the site down.

    Otherwise I'm afraid you would have to send out the new links and tell your users to use them instead of the old ones. Sorry.

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