Can I prevent pop up from showing if someone has filled in a form on web site?

I have installed Pop Up! on a development site here:

The pop up will encourage people to sign up for the newsletter by offering a free ebook. Now my question is how would I prevent the pop up from showing if someone had already filled in the form for the free ebook on the home page?

Once I have this worked out I can add the pop up to the live site.



  • Alexander

    Hi @JaqsMale,

    I'm sorry, this isn't possible with Pop Up! without custom development. You would need to code a custom condition for this to bring that integration about. Otherwise you will only be able to use the conditions provided by the plugin

    We don't undertake custom work at WPMU DEV, but if you need to hire a developer, I'd strongly recommend checking our our job boards:

    If you'd like to try coding this yourself, I could try helping you get started by offering direction. Just let me know what you're using for the newsletter signups. I won't be able to code this out for you, but I could try to provide coding insight on how you could work with Pop Up!

    Best regards,

  • Alexander

    Hi @JaqsMale,

    I'm sorry for not getting back to you earlier. There is a way to hook into the rule system, but we'll need to make one change to the plugin to add another filter.

    In popoverajax.php, head to line 159 and you should see this:

    $order = explode(',', $popover_check['order']);

    Add this line of code just below it:

    $order = apply_filters( 'popover_process_rule_checks', $order );

    Then in a separate plugin you can add this code:

    function add_custom_popover_checks($order) {
        $order[] = 'customform';
        return $order;
    add_filter('popover_process_rule_customform','custom_popover_condition', 10 , 2);
    function custom_popover_condition($show, $popover) {
            Set $show to true, if the user does not exist in the database.
        return $show;

    That will setup to filtering to allow you to add a custom rule to a popover. You'll just need to workout the function that checks if the user exists in the database or not.

    Best regards,

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