Can I replace the standard registration form with one from User Meta Pro?

I am trying to find out if I can replace the standard registration form with one I created using the User Meta Pro plugin. I know I can get buddypress to work, but it does not replace update the regular WP user fields like "First Name" and I REALLY need that. Plus I REALLY like the the ease of creating the forms from the User Meta Pro plugin.

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    Hello there,

    Greetings and thanks for posting on the forums,

    Unfortunately its not possible out of the box and will need custom code for the integration like that.

    I know I can get buddypress to work, but it does not replace update the regular WP user fields like "First Name" and I REALLY need that.

    I am not sure If I followed that one.

    Currently if you don't want to get into custom development, the best bet is to use BuddyPress with XProfiles.

    I have however moved this to "Features and Feedback" section and sent a note to our lead developer so that we can push this idea in development.

    I have also asked my colleague @Jack Kitterhing to note this one down so that it can be discussed internally as well for a future release.

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    Thanks for the reply. Ultimately I need to have a custom registration form. I understand the easiest option is to use buddypress' xprofiles. The problem with Buddypress is that it does not directly update WordPress' standard user tables, specifically the First name and Last name WordPress user fields. Instead, it uses it's own table modifications and does not sync all fields back to the standard WordPress User tables.

    The end result is none of the Users listed in the Membership plugin have a First Name or Last Name. This is a BIG problem for my site.

    This lead me to the User Meta Pro plugin. It appears to update the standard WordPress user tables, plus more and seems to be a better option than the non standard BuddyPress option.

    I realize using the User Meta Pro plugin will require custom coding and I do not know how to do that. Therefore, I would LOVE it if the Team would consider either adding integration with User Meta Pro to the Membership plugin. If that is not possible then at the very least give users the ability to add/remove registration fields to the registration form that interact with the standard WordPress User Profile tables.

    I have done a lot of research in the forums and there seems to be A LOT of people needing to customize the registration form (other than using BuddyPress).

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    Hey there,

    I totally agree with you on this one and have already sent this to our lead developers attention so that we can make the plugin more powerful :slight_smile:

    Unfortunately I can't give you an ETA on this but it certainly will be discussed upon.

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    Hi there @rianhall

    I hope you are well today.

    Thanks for your feedback, this is certainly a much wanted feature to be able to customize the registration form.

    I'll discuss it with the lead developer for the membership plugin in our next meeting :slight_smile:

    Thank you for being a WPMU DEV member and hope you have a great day!

    Kind Regards

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