Can i request a new plugin that doesn't currently exist in your arsenal?

I'm trying to build a site that i think needs to be made.

However, i'm having one problem; finding a plugin that will do what i need it so badly to do.

The goal: connect health providers with those who need healing.

The problem: it's HARD to find a health provider that you know anything about. It's like life and death blind dating!

The solution (IMHO): create a platform where health providers (ie. massage therapists, acupuncturists, chiropractors, intuitives, etc.) can blog about themselves, post their credentials, tell a story and even connect with their audience. (including ratings, reviews and ranking)

Imagine, finding a health provider the same way you find a great pair of boots...

//Now, with that said.

I've tried the Directory plugin, the Membership plugin, the Listing plugin and the Jobs & Experts plugin...

I'm having a really hard time finding the right combination of plugins!!

do you have any recommendations?? Is it possible to put some together and build the ultimate expert-listing-membership-directory plugin??

//Hear me out!

Some of the key features that i think would make this the ultimate site for finding a health provider would be that MEMBERS could pay a subscription to become listed, enter in all their credentials, medals of valor, videos and personal bio AND that they could also create blog posts and let the world know what they are working on / into at the moment / passionate about.. Etc.. Imagine a profile page that is like a mini-blog with credentials..

USERS would then have an advanced search tool where they could filter down (drill-down) to find just the right fit.

I'm talking from large search [Body Work] to super refined specialty [Craniosacral intuitive healer with interests in herbal remedies and specializing in Doreen Virtue's Angel therapy practicing in the Novato and San Rafael area near 95901]...

Once the user has it narrowed down, all they need to do is click "Book an appointment" and the modal booking form pops up! (optionally create an account, social login, etc)

Tell me, what health provider wouldn't want to be listed on a site that can do that!!??

Health providers would pay for listing their profile, but it would be completely free for those needing help (looking for healing).

I was also considering the idea that MEMBERS could receive credits for making posts. For example, if a membership is $25/mo they could receive $1 credit for each blog post entry they create for that month. This incentivizes them to create unique content which will drive SEO through the roof.

I'm also a big proponent of peer review so, i think it would also be very cool if there was a way to post discounts and coupons not only to end-users but also to other members so that the community of health providers could recommend and rate other health providers. Offer badges or something that shows that "this health provider is recommended by the community". I don't know if that would end up becoming alienating to some while totally endorsing others.. at this point, i'm just tossing ideas..

Anyway, i'm hoping what i've written makes sense to you. And I also hope that there's a solution for this site. either a unique plugin combination or, a whole new platform that can scale to become "The world's best find a [insert business name here] website ever"!!

No, really.. I can totally imagine this as a repeatable online business model.. (ie. find a lawyer, find a house cleaner, find a marriage counselor, find a cobbler - i could go on forever!)

Thank you for reading!! I would love to work with you to find a solution for this.