Can I resell wpmu plugins and themes to clients?

I subscribed to the wpmudev membership and wonder if the license allows me to resell plugins and themes to my clients ?

  • Tom Eagles
    • Syntax Hero

    Hi botta

    many thanks for that question, it does come up a lot.

    You are free to include them as part of a chargeable service for example in a multisite network where for example prosites was installed and your users were paying for a premium level where the plugins were included. The main thing to remember here is that all credits must remain in the plugins/themes which is a requirement of the GPL license.

    Hope this answers you question, if not feel free to ask for any further clarification.

    Have a great weekend.


  • Tom Eagles
    • Syntax Hero

    Hi there sorry for the delay, i was off work yetsreday wasnt feeling too good.

    Ok so to clarify this.

    The GPL generously provides the flexibility to allow others to profit from our products without restriction, but it is only the code that is GPL licensed, So essentially they couldn't use the product name, any images, logo's or other parts of the plugins/ themes not covered by the GPL as these are trademarked . Any manuals or documentation are also not covered by the GPL.

    A key thing also to remember is that one of the requirements of the GPL is that all credits must be retained within the documentation such as readme's and code.

    We actively pursue any infringement of our branding and trademarks through legal means, the initial step would be a ban on the members account and then followed by other legal measures. This would obviously mean that the member would have no access to support and upgrades.

    The other thing to remember is that supporting this would be a nightmare for one individual, we have a team of over 40 staff working round the clock on this.That's the main reason our prices are what they are.

    I hope this clears this up a bit for you.

  • Ren
    • The Incredible Code Injector

    I am only building my own sites at the moment, but are you saying that I cannot build a site for a client and use your plugins? Lets say instead of buying the plugin from wpmudev they hired me to build a site using wpmudev plugins would that be selling the IP rights of wpmudev?

  • Andrew
    • WPMU DEV Initiate

    I need a bit of clarification.

    Since plugins are licenses under GPL it is my understand the we can do anything with those as long as GPL license is followed which means sell or give away too.

    So is there anything inside that GPL license plugin code (not theme, just plugin) like images, logo's or other parts of the plugin itself? I mean if the download file for the plugin is fully GPL or not?

  • Jaxom
    • Dragon Rider

    Hi Andrew
    See if this Helps.
    I am a member of WPMUDEV and supply my clients with there plugins and I charge for this service. As long as I don't change anything in the plugin, I don't say it's mine, I don't re-brand it and I don't remove or rewrite the plugin to hide the fact it was written and released by WPMUDEV I can run my business happily. I have happy clients, WPMUDEV are Happy and we all work well together.

    Now if I take say WP Smush, re-brand it Jaxom's-Image-Smusher, remove any documentation, images, code and any core code that says it was written by WPMUDEV and then sell it to my clients, WPMUDEV will cancel my membership and there legal team will crawl down my cat cable and bury me in paper work and lawsuits.

    Hope that clears it up for you.

  • Jessie
    • Flash Drive

    To clarify, I can use the plugins and themes on any site that I am maintaining, however if I am building a site to sell or flip, I would not be able to use the plugins and themes because the person who buys my site does not have the license to use them, correct?

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