Can I restore my site from a backup?

I have moved my multi-site to a new dedicated server.
However, it seems to be using the wrong database. I have access to all the databases including the original.

I also did a complete backup of my old site on a shared server.

I want to know how to import or access the old sites users, tables etc.

The old sites database is showing in my databases but I don't know how gain access to it or import it.

It is a very big database.

Someone will probably have to take a look at my cpanel to help me with this one.

Thank for any help with this.

My original site ran out of server space so I had to move to a dedicated server and now I need to get back my old sites users and original settings etc.

Or I may have to just start over, I can do this if there is no way to get back my old site's work.

Thanks for any help with this.

Cheri Faline