Can I restrict owner privileges so they can't change plugin settings?

Hi, if I use New Blog Templates to create a new site can I restrict the site owner permissions so they can't change the plugin settings?

I understand the new site owner is by default an administrator so how do I remove their edit access to the plugin while still providing them with this functionality?


  • Peter
    • Design Lord, Child of Thor

    Hi Ari,

    as a follow up to this, how do I prevent site admins from changing the settings in a WPMU Dev plugin?

    See attached for Directory plugin.

    In this example the site admin can still access the plugin settings. We don't want them to be able to do this as we provide them with a single listing (using New Blog Template) with every new site. We only want them to be able to edit/publish this listing (no create / delete ability). I can set this capability in the Directory Settings / Capabilities and it works okay, but the site administrator can also access and change these settings.

    Any idea how to stop them doing this?

    In the Appointments+ plugin settings there's a similar tab where capabilities are set for each role, so we'd want to do the same for this as well.

    Hope you can help!


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