Can I send to my entire email list using the E-Newsletter Plugin?

I have a list of dedicated, double optin subscribers that I've worked really hard to collect over the years. There is about 23,000+ subscribers now on my list. If I were to switch over from iContact to using the ENewsletter plugin, how am I able to send out to all 23,000+ of them each week? My SMTP relays only can handle 250/day. Thoughts? Thank you!

Also, would they have to optin at any time AGAIN if I decide to start using the Enewsletter plugin?

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    You can import contacts using a .csv file. I am not familiar with the system you are currently using but try to find a way to export your list to a .csv file and then you can import. If you can export to excel you can convert to .csv also. There has been a recent significant update to this plugin so the import feature may have changed. I believe @Patrick is the one to talk to about this recent update.

    I believe that you can adjust the settings so that your subscribers will not have to optin again. Hope this helps.

    All the best,

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    Hi David,

    Thank you for your help, however it does not address my question(s).

    I know how to easily upload the .csv file of contacts. My question is how can I send out 23,000+ emails if the plugin is using my hosting to send out the emails and SMTP relays only allow for 250 emails/day to be sent out.

    Also, how is the plugin able to use advanced technology to make sure the emails get into the subscribed users INBOX vs. SPAM like Mailchimp and other 3rd party type programs?

    I think there is a reason I have to pay $100+/month for my newsletter subscription. I would love to be able to switch over to the WPMU Enewsletter plugin, however I need to make sure with 23,000+ of my clients sensitive information, trust in me and my company, that this plugin can handle everything.

    Thank you.

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    My apologies. I guess I read your question a little too fast. Unfortunately I do not know the answer to your questions. The plugin developers may have to answer this one. I will do a little more research and see if I can dig something up. Sorry again.

    Best of luck,

  • Patrick
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    Hiya @kentlevi and @SqueezyDee

    You may find some pertinent info in the comments to our post here:

    Also, I might not be the best person to ask about these technical issues, 'cuz I'm not the guy who wrote the code. But I know who did :slight_smile:

    I'll flag the developer on this thread to see if he can come in to provide some insight. Hang on...

  • Maniu
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    Hey @kentlevi

    Big list you got there:slight_smile:

    Generally there are no limits in app - if your servers will be capable of sending so many emails - enewsletter wont stop them, also optin will work only for new users(after enabling it).

    But, first thing i am noticing is that your SMTP with limit of 250 mails per day is simply unable to send 23,000+ a week.
    It looks to me that you can send maximum of 250*7=1750 mails in week. Am i missing something?

    Unfortunately, there is a way to limit enewsletter to send max 720 mails per day but not less. I might be able to adjust it for next version, have to look into this.

    Anyway, with such big list, I advise to make some tests on smaller group.

    Hope that somehow helps.


  • kentlevi
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    Nice! Ok. I will test.

    My concern is that 3rd party services like Mailchimp uses many different servers to ensure emails/campaigns sent do not get flagged as SPAM and goes into subscribers INBOX. I'm not sure how I could configure the same thing unless I were to purchase multiple servers and somehow replicate the process. From what little bit I know Mailchimp (and perhaps others) uses special technology/coding to help assist with ensuring it does not get marked as SPAM and gets into subscribers INBOX.

    Again, I'll test with hopeful results.

    Thanks again!

  • Maniu
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    Hey @kentlevi

    To be honest, i am not sure what MailChimp is exactly doing but if your list is solid and users are not reporting you as spammers then i believe you will be good.

    Again, with so big list i would suggest creating test group with emails at various providers to see how spam filters are treating your emails - it is possible that even badly written subject can trigger the filters.

    One more thing - there is setting to control number of emails sent by e newsletter - limit per hour, day or month. Keep in mind that emails need to be sent by cron for it to work

    I suggest you to start testing:slight_smile: Good Luck!

  • Qlof
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    I just sent out a newsletter to 13k emails today. It worked well and I used cron. I sent 500 emails/hour which worked well for me. I still haven't seen the bounce processing but since I am using an old list I expect there to be alot of bounces so we'll see how eNewsletter handles that.

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