Can i set a start and finish date for serial subscriptions?

I have a split payment option where I want to offer 4 payments of $x. Can I schedule these payments to start on a certain date, and finish a certain amount of weeks later?

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    Hi @grs!

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    If I understand your question correctly, you want to give your users a way to spread out payments for a subscription over 4 weeks. Right?

    Basically, what you want to do is drip the same content over a set period of time. So, here’s how to get your plan set up:

    1. Create your subscription plan. For ex: Bronze – split your payments over 4 weeks

    2. In the Membership Levels section, drag the access level you want to give them to the Starting Point area 4 times.

    3. Set the first 3 levels to Finite and 7 days.

    4. Set the 4th level to Finite and 344 days (the rest of the year)

    This way, if your users continue their payments as scheduled, they will continue to have access to the content you allow them. If they skip a payment in the schedule, their access will be denied until payment is made.

    Does this help?

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