Can I set main site not use main IP, use another Dedicated I

Dear Sir,

I set WPMU by godaddy reseller hosting plan,could have three IP address.

Main IP I want to use as a reseller site

Other Dedicated IP address I want to use set as a mainsite.

All the other domains point to Dedicated IP address not to main IP.

but when I set wildcard subdomains at WHM cpanel, all the *subdomain (*

document root goes to main IP address

(Shared IP address for admin, and all others domains.) not go to the main site IP.

What I should do, I must set mainsite at main IP, or I could set to Other Dedicated IP address. wildcard subdomain document root diffrence main website IP


  • Alexander
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    Hello @hi999,

    Just to clarify, everything with WordPress Multisite can be done from a single IP address. If you have multiple IP addresses, you can setup other sites, but for the most part, every site in your network will connect via the one IP address.

    If you want to change your IP address without affecting your sites, you would need to coordinate this with GoDaddy and just ensure that all the domains are setup to reach that IP either via an A record, or a CNAME to the main domain.

    I’m still a bit unsure of what you’re trying to do here. Could you give a bit more info? Perhaps just let me know exactly how your site is setup currently, then also how you would like to have it setup after making changes.

    Best regards

  • hi999
    • The Crimson Coder

    Hi Alexander,

    Thank you for help.

    At very beginning set up reseller hosting AC

    I use,want to set reseller site.

    So take the main IP.

    I want to set up WPMU use my to

    Dedicated IP address as a main site.

    I have set up WPMU site, multi-domains,domain mapping plugs.

    I have point all the domains to main site

    and all the domains are setup to reach that Dedicated IP address

    via an A record to the main domain.

    but not point the the main IP(for reseller site).

    and add many domains to the main site.

    After I add many domins, my main site have

    “Warning! Wildcard DNS for domains.COM may not be configured correctly!”

    So I try to create the wildcard (*) subdomain on every domain

    to the WordPress multisite network.add wildcare subdomain at WHM cpanel.

    subdomain:* , document root /public_html

    But I find * IP address is at WHM cpanel (main IP, I plan to set as reseller AC and use my .net domain. not my main site IP.

    My main site IP, I have point and all the top domains to this IP and add an A record to the main site domain and IP.

    wildcard subdomain IP difference from main site IP

    Now what I should do, could you kindly look my WHM cpanel

    Thank you!

    That link is helpful

  • hi999
    • The Crimson Coder

    Hi Sir,

    when I Create a New Account at WHM, and add * subdomain, the domain/site

    automatic goes to my main IP

    not go to my main site IP

    What is the best solution to solved the problem.


  • Alexander
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    Hello again,

    Ok, I think the problem here is that WHM is routing the domains to different accounts, and therefore different IPs. All the domains will need to be added to the same account. This way all the domains will resolve to the same virtual host where WordPress is installed.

    Otherwise WHM will just look for a folder associated with that domain inside the other account.

    For example, some of the domains that are being shown as unreachable are actually setup properly with a wildcard – they are just not reaching our WordPress installation.

    When you add a new domain to a cpanel account, you can point it to the WordPress installation. This is how WordPress can begin using it.

    Best regards

  • hi999
    • The Crimson Coder

    Hi Alexander,

    Thank you for help.

    I should go to WHM, List Accounts, cpanel,domains,redirects-all public domains or domains?? redirects to main site IP , wild card redirect

    should all public domains or only the domain

    Redirect with or without www.

    or Wild Card Redirect

    or Where I should do.

    Could you do screenshot

    Thank you so much!

  • hi999
    • The Crimson Coder

    Hi Alexander

    “When you add a new domain to a cpanel account, you can point it to the WordPress installation. This is how WordPress can begin using it.”

    WHM I can not find where could point main IP to main site Dedicated IP address.

    Thank you!

  • Alexander
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    As I said before your wildcard subdomains are fine and are pointing to the correct IP address. The problem at hand is not related to your IP address.

    The problem is, all this does is get that domain to you Server. Once it reaches the server, the server will tell it what website on that server it should be sent to.

    If you were using a more simple server that only had one website hosted, all you would need to worry about is making sure all the domains went to that IP.

    This case is different. WHM and cPanel allow you to route domains to different places after the reach your server.

    So your IP setup is fine, but for every domain that you wish to use within WordPress, you’ll need to setup that domain as an addon domain in the same cPanel account where your WordPress Multisite is setup.

    To explain further: When WordPress Multisite is used, every request goes through the index.php file for WordPress. Once the request gets there, WordPress looks at the domain and will decided what site it belongs to. Then it will show that site.

    Your domains are not reaching that index.php file (in the root of your WordPress installation) Once they are setup as addon domains, WHM can tell them to go to that folder.

    After you get all the domains moved over to that account, you will be double check the wildcard subdomains and ensure they are going to the correct IP.

    Best regards

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