Can I tie in Membership + eNewsletter Groups

I see i can target member levels, but how do I add them to groups?

Is there a join ping I can do? Or some other function?

My goal is to tie Membership to an Enewsletter Group. Like 2 groups – non current members / current members. WHen they pay membership or let membership expire – they leave/join one/other;


  • Vaughan
    • Support/SLS MockingJay


    It’s been a while since i saw you on the forum, hope you’re well?

    I am not sure this is possible, but my experience with the pings in membership is limited, so i’m not sure if there’s a way to do this or not via that method.

    The integration with membership is with the sending of newsletters, once you have created your newsletter, you can send it to particular membership levels.

    But there’s no way for members who join via membership to automatically be added to groups unfortunately.

    i could add this as a feature request for you though, and will alos ask the developer about the possibility of doing it with pings, but i wouldn’t get your hopes up too much yet.

    hope this helps a little.

  • in-mn
    • The Crimson Coder

    Thanks V,

    I assume for security we dont want to allow get signups.

    Currently we do this via mailchimp. I have a function that allows the ping to go to get fields to send to mailchimp api array

    What would make membership great would be the ability to group and export users better. Really thats the biggest pitfall to this :wink:

  • Maniu
    • Developer

    Hey @in-mn

    There is no ability to ping enewsletter but it might be possible to do it with custom add_action function. I believe membership have those actions that you could use:

    do_action( 'membership_add_level', $tolevel_id, $userid );
    do_action( 'membership_drop_level', $fromlevel_id, $userid );
    do_action( 'membership_move_level', $fromlevel_id, $tolevel_id, $userid );

    I have not tested solution like this.



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